Soft Broom

Carwash brooms are produced in two sizes, small and super, with 030 thread (thickness of the thread) with a length of 17 and 22 cm. This type of broom is used for washing cars, surfaces and glass.

040 thread with a cut length of 17 cm is used to produce brooms such as rose and sadaf soft , which are for cleaning office and residential environments. The threads of this broom are filled in order to be more practical in the shaving stage.

The thickness of the aroos broom thread is 040 with a cut length of 20 cm. This type of broom is suitable for use in indoor environments. The aroos broom with dustpan is a suitable set for cleaning.

broom for asphalt

Asphalt brooms suitable for cleaning cement and asphalt surfaces are produced. The resistant threads of this broom have a thickness of 060 and a cut length of 17 cm.