Roftegar broom for asphalt- 40 cm

Roftegar broom for asphalt lower weight compared to Yas brush in terms of volume of fibers and plastic body so it is an economic product. This brush is designed and manufactured with special and different appearance compared to other available products in market. This product is ideal for cleaning hard and rough surfaces such as asphalt, cement and mosaic. This product is categorized as industrial and professional cleaning instruments. Thick and stiff fibers are used to manufacture this product to enhance its durability. Rough and hard fibers are effective factor to collect and clean small particles of dust on rough surfaces of streets and passages. This broom can be attached to all standard sixe handles available in market.

Packaging type                         Carton
Number in the package               36 pieces
Coloring                                 Colors
Carton dimensions                     49*40*49
Product code                           110008

  • مهتا پلاستیک - ظروف و لوازم پلاستیکی - جارو رفتگر 40 سانتی متر آسفالتی
  • مهتا پلاستیک - ظروف و لوازم پلاستیکی - جارو کارواش سوپر