Wooden handle with plastic coating – 150cm

Most of Mahta plastic Co. are presented to the market without handles but are capable to be attached to wooden handles with plastic coating of 150cm. wooden handles with plastic coating with standard length of 150 cm and 20mm of diameter have high quality and durability. Plastic coating is one of features of this product that is presented with various designs and high durability. These wooden handles are manufactured as self-thread and conic shape and have unique and special specifications.

Packaging type                         Gunny
Number in the package               50 pieces
Coloring                                 Wood coating
Carton dimensions                     15*25*160
Product code                           110056

  • مهتا پلاستیک - ظروف و لوازم پلاستیکی - دسته جارو چوبی روکش پلاستیک